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Vanuatu: The Travel Image.

Vanuatu invokes diverse imagery, ranging from its unique landscape of volcanic islands, tropical rainforest, sheltered ocean harbours; through to its Melanesian people who remain deeply embedded within a traditional way of life. Consisting of over 80 islands that are geographically scattered over a 1300 km length oriented north-south, Vanuatu has varied landforms and climate, from the strongly tropical northern Banks and Torres Islands to the southern islands of Tanna and Aneityum which have a subtropical seasonal leaning.

For Travellers: A Distinctive Destination.

Vanuatu enjoys some of the most stunning scenery, extraordinary landscapes, and cultural attractions in the world. The main tourist destination of Port Vila, located on Efate Island, enjoys a picturesque harbour (along with Havanah Harbour) and the island boasts a number of outlying islands such as Eretoka, Lelepa, Moso, Nguna and Pele, offering travellers a variety of aquatic activities including scuba and snorkel diving on niche coral reefs, eco-resorts, kayaking adventures, as well as the UNESCO heritage site of Chief Roi, Mata’s Domain.

However, perhaps the most breathtaking experiences are found on other notable Vanuatu islands, with remarkable volcanic viewing found at Mt Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island, alongside its’ network of Kastom trails; Outstanding adventure associated with the Millennium Cave on Espiritu Santo, together with Champagne Beach on the east coast, often chosen as one of the top coastal expanses in the world; and the Kastom Land-Diving activities carried performed on Pentecost Island. For venturesome travellers, Vanuatu offers some of the best panoramic vistas to view, combined with a wide variety of soft and challenging adventures to participate in.

Authentic Travel Experiences.

For travellers who are interested in Authentic Travel Experiences, Vanuatu remains a destination of unspoilt scenery and an untouched people. Compared to its Pacific neighbours, it has a relatively small population that is spread widely over 65 inhabited islands. While the main island of Efate has a significant population close to three-quarters are located elsewhere and depend on subsistence farming for their way of life.

Island identity, Kastom and culture is a strong characteristic, manifesting itself through more than 100 indigenous languages, the highest cultural density in the world. The strong adherence to their traditional Melanesian Kastom has been the subject much film and media coverage ( Film: Tanna, TV series: Meet the Natives), and the cultural attributes of Ni-Vanuatu peoples present a strong draw for travellers seeking depth to their travel.

The Other Islands: Little Visited Gems

Though captivated by the imagery of exotic scenery, exquisite landscapes, and rich cultural encounters, most travellers spend all of their time in Port Vila and do not experience the essence of what attracted them to this unique part of the world. In the past, the Vanuatu tourism industry has geared itself to this restricted niche of the country due to the limited development of supporting infrastructure elsewhere.

With increasing progress in its outer regions, along with a greater desire of travellers to experience authentic destinations, the outer islands are being increasingly recognised as special places to visit. Travelling along 4WD roads, staying in bungalow accommodation and being infused with the way of life of Ni-Vanuatu communities is becoming increasingly popular. Almost without exception, travellers come away with lasting memories of their encounters with a different world where the affable and friendly people are a highlight.

See and Do | Trips.
Landed costs fully inclusive.
Overnight, 2 Day, & 3 Day Trips.
transfers | accommodation | meals | tours | walks.

Our See and Do Trips provide complete island excursions to a number of Vanuatu’s notable islands and are designed to highlight natural attractions and cultural attributes.

Each See and Do Trip caters for small numbers (max. 6 people) & which typically range between 2-4 people. Trips include a fully costed experience, commencing with airport pick-up on arrival on the island through to drop-off on departure. All transfers, accommodation, meals (excluding alcohol), tours & walks are included.

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transfers | accommodation | island breakfasts.

A variety of accommodation styles & comfort levels occur ranging from hotels & resorts, through to niche accommodation & island bungalows. The former is mainly prevalent around Port Vila on Efate Island while the latter is the archetypal accommodation found on the other islands.

Vanuatu possesses a rich mix of Melanesian culture set within diverse tropical landscapes & island scenery. Staying at Island Bungalow accommodation allows visitors to be closer to & interact with Ni-Vanuatu people at a more personal level.

Generally, accommodation includes airport transfers (refer each accommodation for particulars), the accommodation itself, along with island breakfasts.

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Tours and Walks.
Half-Day and Full Day Outings.
transport | driver/guide | kastom Fee | entrance Fees.

With around a decade of experience of tailoring island travel, we have developed a series of tours & walks that are popular amongst travellers while being empathetic to Ni-Vanuatu communities. Tours & walks are either half-day or full-day outings that typically highlight particular aspects of each Vanuatu island or region visited.

Each Tour or Walk cater for small numbers, usually ranging between 2-4 people. Pick-up & Drop-off at traveller's accommodation is included (refer each Tour or Walk for details). Transport, guide/driver, kastom owner fees, along with entrance fees are included.

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Vanuatu Travel Blog.
comprehensive travel articles on Vanuatu.

The untouched and unspoilt nature of Melanesia alongside its rich and differentiated culture provides visitors with unique and rewarding travel experiences. However, little contextual information is available that allows visitors to gain an appreciation of the range of awesome places that are available for them to visit.

Our blog aims to provide a series of informative and enjoyable articles for travellers to browse through. The articles are included on our sister website which is dedicated to providing comprehensive articles on a wide range of travel destinations including Vanuatu. This website frames pertinent subject matter within its pages, but our travel blog can be visited independently as well.

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