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Blue Cave Tour.

A unique aquatic experience that provides surreal highlights.

Tour Features.

Travel Along Tanna island's Northeastern Coast.

Participants are transferred to boat near to the airport and transported along the coast to the islands northern tip where the Blue cave is located. The rugged shoreline incorporates large coral outcroppings that are interspersed with small localised beaches, and a coastal terrain backdrop that rises sharply, covered in thick tropical bush. Except for an occasional village on isolated beaches that are constructed in traditional Tannese fashion, the area typifies that encountered on more remote Melanesian islands.

At the Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is located at a prominent promontory at the Tanna's northern tip and a significant Northern village occurs on the plateau some distance back from it. On a fine day, the water leading to the Blue Cave itself takes on a vivid, rich hue that announces the presence of the natural formation.

Entrance to the cave is through an opening to the sea which is subject to tidal levels, and the opening may be completely below the prevailing sea level or at a level where visitors can comfortably paddle through. Cave guides, provided by the kastom owners are present to help visitors through.

Inside the cave, the mood mirrors that of the day outside, determined by sunlight pouring through the oculus-like skylight the arched roof structure. On bright sunny days where the sun is high in the sky, strong shafts of sunlight can be witnessed, providing a cathedral-like appearance that is accompanied by a reflection of the sky in the still water of the cave. The effect is varied and also depends on the season and tides, ensuring that each visit is different from the last. On overcast days the mood of the cave is more sombre, but can produce a more surreal atmosphere.

Snorkelling on Coral Reefs on the Return Trip

While visitors do not generally come to Tanna for watersports, there are some excellent coral reefs near to the pickup/return points, and depending on weather, tides and time, there may be an opportunity have a brief snorkel amongst the tropical waters before returning.


Traverse northern coast, and check out limestone cavern.


Tour centres on island physical attributes.


Coastal panorama along with cathedral-like views.


Morning or afternnon tours.

Blue Cave Tour Information.

Whitegrass Zone • Pick-up + Drop-off

Price DetailsMin 2 AdultsChildren
Full Price
per pax (AUD)
AUD 255*AUD 128*
Full Price
per pax (Vatu)
Vatu 19,200Vatu 9,600

Middlebush Zone • Pick-up + Drop-off

Price DetailsMin 2 AdultsChildren
Full Price
per pax (AUD)
AUD 311*AUD 145*
Full Price
per pax (Vatu)
Vatu 23,400Vatu 10,900

Note: * No Deposit Required to make Booking. Full Payment to be made in Vatu at commencement of Tour/Trip/Accommodation. Forex Conversions based on Goodies Forex 21st August 2023

Let Us Help You.

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Tour Details.

Approximate Timeframe.

The duration of the tour takes approximately 3-4 hours, depending on weather, and conditions at the Blue Hole itself.

Morning or Afternoon Tours are available.

The Blue Cave Tour can either be commenced first thing in the morning (pick-up at 8.30 am Whitegrass Zone, and 8.00 am Middlebush Zone, carrying through until mid-day, or afternoon (pickup at 11.30 am Whitegrass Zone, and 11.00 am Middlebush Zone) and continuing over the course of the afternoon.

Pickup and Dropoff from Accommodation.

Costs includes pick-up and drop-off from accommodation within Whitegrass or Middlebush Zones . For pickup and drop-off from Lenakel Zone a small surcharge applies to cover the extra distance (Please email us if applicable).

Fitness and Health Levels.

The tour is designed for people in relatively good health and moderate fitness, who are able to swim .


The Tour includes transport to and from accommodation (noting a surcharge from Zone B- Lenakel zone). Transport to the Blue Cave itself, and entrance fees.

What to Bring.

Firstly, as always, water should be taken. Boiled spring-water is available at Rachels restaurant (but not flasks). As always, participants should dress to suit the weather. It is recommended that sunscreen is taken along with a cap or hat when walking along the beach. Participants should also bring some warm clothes to keep warm after visiting the cave along with a suitably robust backpack to store all personal belongings.

A suitable camera to take pictures of the journey to, and being inside the cave is worthwhile, although they should be waterproof to at least 5-10 metres. Taking mobile phones or standard cameras is not generally recommended and participants do so at their own risk.

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