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Second (Lenuingao) Waterfall and East Coast Beach Walk.

Experience an authentic Slice of Life on a remote Vanuatu Island.

Tour Features.

Authentic Melanesian Landscapes & Island Life.

Experience authentic walks through some landscapes that have existed in harmony with mother nature for hundreds of years. Local communities have recognized the importance of the land and have nurtured and developed growth of local flora to provide what they need to sustain their way of life in a manner which has enhanced and protects the survival of local habitats.

The walks showcase many of the unique species of trees, plants and their various nuts and fruits. Stands of Giant Banyan Trees abound, invoking images of “Avatar” the movie. Parts of the local bush, have remained untouched for hundreds of years. Participants will also see the effects of catastrophic events such as Cyclone Pam, and how quickly tropical rainforest regenerates.

Kastom bush walks and Ecotours are guided by experienced local Ni-Vanuatu guides, who are knowledgeable, friendly, and only too willing to accommodate participants requests where possible.

Lenuingao Waterfall.

Lenuingao Waterfall is one of the major spring fed waterfalls that exist on Tanna Island located close to Louniel Beach and an obvious focal point for the few Ni-Vanuatu that live along this coast fringe.

Spectacular views of the waterfall itself, its surrounding terrain, and the east coast beaches can be seen at the top drop-off of the waterfall, along with views of the somewhat flat Aniwa island that is famous for its citrus fruit. On a Clear day, the uplifted volcanic island of Futuna can be seen with its distinctive and unusual cutoff top, which is home to Polynesian peoples whose culture is differentiated to that of the Melanesian Tannese.

The pool at the Waterfall's base is a popular swimming hole for local villagers and provides visitors with a cool refreshing interlude on the walk.

Tanna Island's East Coast Louniel Beach.

Mt Yasur Volcano is situated on the south-eastern sector of Tanna, and prevailing wind and sea currents have crafted a series of black sand beaches along the islands east coast. Depending on coastal deposition, parts of the beach can be hard-pan, while other sections have characteristics akin to freshly fallen powder snow (in mountainous regions). Being exposed, the surf can be wild, and the waves should be treated with the utmost respect. Depending on time and tides, there is the opportunity to swim in a large natural swimming hole protected by coral formations.

Periodically, underwater volcanic vents and fumaroles located along the coastal emit bursts of magma into the surrounding ocean, which solidifies instantly trapping steam and volcanic gases within itself, creating masses of pumice pebbles. As a result of the trapped gases, the pumice is often half the density of water and therefore floats until it is washed up on nearby beaches. Louniel beach is often carpeted with masses of pumice pebbles which contrasts visually with the black sand that it overlays. An impressive vista is presented at dawn and dusk when the long shadows of the pumice over the wide expanse of the beach can be stunning.


Untouched tropical landscapes, along with a mix of coral & volcanic elements.


Check out slices of Ni-Vanuatu life, Tannese bush trails, and bushcraft.


Panoramic coastal views, encounters with bush, waterfall and surf.


Up to eight hours, with options of either an early or late start.

Second (Lenuingao) Waterfall and East Coast Beach Walk Information.

Whitegrass Zone • Pick-up + Drop-off

Price DetailsMin 2 AdultsChildren
Full Price
per pax
AUD 97AUD 16
per pax

Middlebush Zone • Pick-up + Drop-off

Price DetailsMin 2 AdultsChildren
Full Price
per pax
AUD 41AUD 15
per pax

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See & Do Trips provide completely costed itineraries, which will take much of the planning worry out of your time on Tanna. Overall, they may also be a more economical proposition.

For See & Do Trips that include the Second (Lenuingao) Waterfall take a look at:

Tour Details.

Approximate Timeframe.

The duration of the walk takes between 4-6 hours, depending on the makeup of participants (children and adults), general fitness levels, and what things of interest are encountered along the way. Participants are able to swim at the pool at the base of the cool spring-fed Lenuingao waterfall, and later at a beach swimming-hole if the tides are favourable. Extra time can be taken to investigate Banyan trees, talk to occasional Tannese walking the trails, visit food village food gardens when they are happened upon, and take in the varied makeup of the volcanic east coast beach.

Pickup and Dropoff from Accommodation on Tanna Island .

The Second (Lenuingao) Waterfall Walk commences from Middlebush. Costs include for the option of pickup and drop-off from accommodation on the Whitegrass Zone near to the airport. For pickup and drop-off from accommodation near Lenakel (Lenakel zone) a small surcharge applies to cover the extra distance (please email us for costs).

Morning or Afternoon walks are available.

The walk can either be commenced first thing in the morning (pickup at 8.00 am from Whitegrass Zone), carrying through until after mid-day (finishing walk between 12.30-2.00 pm), or late morning (pick-up at 10.30 am from Whitegrass Zone) and continuing over the course of the afternoon (finishing between 3.30-5.00 pm).

Where the walk is booked for an early morning start (Morning Booking), the walk is commenced soon after arrival (walk start approx 8.30 am) at the escarpment property in Middlebush after a 30-minute drive into the highland's region. At the finish of the walk in the early afternoon, lunch is provided (as an optional extra) at Rachel's restaurant. Participants are returned to their accommodation mid to late afternoon.

Where the pickup occurs late morning (Afternoon Booking), an early light lunch (as an optional extra) is provided before setting off on the walk at around 11.30 am, which then extends through most of the afternoon and finishes at dusk. Participants are subsequently returned to their accommodation afterwards.

Fitness and Health Levels.

The walk is designed for people in relatively good health and moderate fitness. Excepting for a small portion of steep terrain adjacent to Lenuingao Waterfall, the walk is over a fairly easy gradient. However, to enhance authenticity, the walk traverses Un-Formed trails and participants may need to duck under the odd branch or climb over one or two fallen trees.

Most of the time the walk is downhill, with stops to talk about various aspects of the tropical bush, edible plants and nuts, along with Kastom use of plants. The walk in the bush itself is under the tree canopy and exposure to the full sun is not experienced until strolling along the beach. Respite is also provided with opportunities to swim at the waterfall and a local beach pool (depending on tides).

With most of the time taken ambling downhill, clearly the way back is uphill, and the walk follows a 4WD track back up to the starting point, which has a moderate and persistent upward gradient. While the track is easy to follow, coming at the end of the walk, this part certainly requires some exertion. If time permits, the guide may duck off the trail to show participants stands of Banyan trees.


The Tour includes transport to and from accommodation. A local guide, who is well acquainted with the local trail is provided, and who, like all Tannese is friendly and amiable. Generally, most Ni-Vanuatu (in rural situations) will carry a long machete, which can be disconcerting to visitors at first. Machetes are the swiss army knives of the Pacific, and participants will soon be in awe of the dexterity of the guide, and the variety of uses they are put to including clearing the way ahead, opening coconuts, or preparing other edible plants.

Lunch at Rachel's restaurant is also provided as an Optional Extra. Freshly boiled spring-water is also available for participants to fill their flasks for the walk.


Water bottles themselves are not provided and each participant must bring flasks suitable for a lengthy walk, and a small backpack or similar to carry this, along with their snacks, and incidentals.

What to Bring.

Firstly, given that the Tour is lengthy adequate water should be taken and snacks. Boiled spring-water is available at Rachels restaurant (but not flasks). Visitors should ensure that they have suitably closed-in footwear for walking on unformed tracks. Depending on the weather robust flip-flops may be suitable, and it is recommended that these are bought in any case, as are swimming trucks. However, participants should gauge carefully what they should bring and each participant should not bring any more than they can carry themselves (no beach towels but perhaps a lightweight towel per couple).

Depending on the time of year a suitable raincoat may be needed, and as always, participants should dress to suit the weather. It is recommended that sunscreen is taken along with a cap or hat when walking along the beach.

Importantly, participants should bring a suitable camera to take those memorable shots along the way.

Minimum Numbers.

The Second (Lenuingao) Waterfall and East Coast Beach Walk requires a minimum number of two (2) people for it to proceed.

Single travellers are able to be a part of tours that are proceeding, or where more than one single shows interest for a specific date, then we are able to make up minimum numbers accordingly. Single travellers should contact us directly through our inquiry form to organise.

Booking Cut-Off Period.

Online bookings are accepted up to 36 hours prior to the scheduled tour date under consideration. For example, a cut-off of online bookings occurs at midnight on Wednesday night for a tour commencing at lunchtime on the following Friday.

Where bookings are wanted to be made closer than 36 hours to the scheduled tour, these should be requested through our inquiry form. Such late bookings may or may not be possible and are dependent on communications on the island amongst other factors.

Bookings : Deposits and Final Payments.

All bookings can be confirmed with the payment of a booking Deposit or alternatively bookings can be paid in Full. Payments can be made by Bank Transfer (cleared funds) or Credit Card.

On payment of a deposit customers receive a booking acknowledgement, including a booking statement of all payments made and due. The remaining Final Payment shall be received no later than fourteen(14) days prior to the day of the booking. Once the Final Payment is received, customers are sent their Formal Documents in respect to their bookings

Alternatively, customers can choose to make Full Payment at the time of booking, and will be issued their Formal Documents immediately.

Prices are Contingent on Entrance Fees at 1st April.

Our Prices are made up from a number of items, including kastom landowner fees. Any increases are generally effective at 1st April year to year and our costs are "Contingent", and any differential in fees either side of 1st April is payable as an extra to the booking.

Increases due to "Contingent" entrance fees affect very few people, and the majority of bookings are made after 1st April and are not affected in any way.

Full Terms and Conditions of Making a Booking.

Full Terms and Conditions regarding making a booking with Vanuatu Traveller are available here and all customers should take the time read and be comfortable with them. Should you have any questions please contact us via the contact form.

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