Views of Tanna Landscapes
Volcanic Ash Plain.
Port Resolution.
Shark Bay.

Mt Yasur Big Day Out - Mt Yasur, Port Resolution, & Shark Bay.

Our most popular tour that provides visitors with a Full Day's experience that makes Tanna Island unique.

Tour Features.

Views of Tanna Island Landscapes.

Leaving by about 8.30-9.00 am, visitors travel via 4WD over unsealed roads, through the central Tanna highlands where various stops are made to view spectacular outlooks of both Mt Yasur Volcano and the east Tanna coastline. Passing the Ash plains, the opportunity is taken at various vantage points along the Ash Plain itself to view Mount Yasur and its surrounding panorama.

Most Pacific islands posses relatively flat and accessible coastlines, and rugged inhospitable mountainous interiors, covered in thick tropical bush. Typically, on such islands, Melanesian peoples develop extensive village networks around coastal perimeters, leaving inland regions relatively untouched. However, Ni-Vanuatu peoples on Tanna Island have settled uniformly over all parts of their island, and some of the richest agricultural lands in Vanuatu can be found in the Tannese highlands. The continual deposition of volcanic ash by Mt Yasur has provided a rugged but relatively flat central highlands allowing the development of village-based coffee plantations, along with other horticultural products.

The trip over the highland region provides views of interior landscapes that are dotted by Tannese villages, largely dependent on subsistence agriculture. Tannese communities possess a way of life that has remained unchanged over many generations.

Mt Yasur Volcanic Ash Plain.

The Volcanic Ash Plain is the remains of an extensive lake that existed at the base of the mountain until broke its banks many years ago causing devastation at Tannese villages below it. What remains is an extensive plain of volcanic ash that presents a surreal picture of flat areas alternating with substantial "dune" regions, along with extensively hard baked and cracked ground. The unusual landscape presents an exceptional vista, that in the right conditions can present itself as an amazing experience. At the same time, the fineness of the ash allows it to be whipped up by strong winds into localised eddies resembling miniature sandstorms.

When conditions permit, the Tour enables visitors to amble over parts of the ash plain where the terrain can be briefly explored, the stream running through it investigated, and various angles of the surrounding landscape viewed.

Port Resolution Inner Harbour.

Travellers continue along an extremely rugged road to the Main bay of the inner Port Resolution Harbour. Here, visitors are met by a village guide to view the volcanic fumaroles along the northern arm of the Port Resolution Harbour (village fee included). Various natural springs occur along the inner beach and a short trek further up the arm of the harbour leads to steaming volcanic pits, and scratchings that provide the local villages with various costume dyes. From elevated positions, good views of Port Resolution and beyond can be seen. Port Resolution, while being relatively undeveloped and remote is a major landing stage for yachties traversing the Pacific sailing circuit. At the height of the sailing season up to fifty intrepid boats can be seen taking respite in the harbour. For all of this, Port Resolution provides an ideal locality to view traditional ni-Vanuatu houses.

Port Resolution Lunch and Time at White Beach.

Subsequent to the inner harbour tour, visitors are taken through Port Resolution to the oceanside White Beach, on the outer arm of the harbour. Lunch is served (your care) either at a local establishment situated in a traditional building in the village or adjacent to the white beach itself. Lunch can either be chicken or omelette based served with rice and vegetables and is an enjoyable fusion of traditional and modern Ni-Vanuatu cuisine.

Following lunchtime is taken to relax at White beach, swim in the surf, or just take time to take in all the local sights. The beach is popular with travelling families and local Ni-Vanuatu children can be seen playing on the beach and in the surf. The beach is also a great place to take a walk, have a look at the scenery and just enjoy the offerings of an exquisite tropical beach. In perfect weather, time just melts away and depending on the preferences of travellers, itineraries can be adjusted so that a greater or lesser amount of time is spent at the beach.

Shark Bay and Captain Cook Rock.

Back in the 4WD after lunch, the tour carries on down various local tracks until arriving at Shark Bay, where you view a boisterous and wild bay from an elevated vantage point, best no later than early to mid-afternoon to ensure that the water is not shielded from the sun. The Bay is noted for viewing sharks, which come into the bay in significant numbers, especially during the cooler months of the year, for the warmth caused by underwater hot water spouts located in the bay. As with all things to do with mother nature the appearance of sharks is not guaranteed and sightings are more prevalent during colder months of the year. Regardless a visit to the bay provides great views of the Southern Tannese coastline and a walk out along the local promontory is rewarded with exceptional views of Captain Cook Rock that can be seen in an adjacent Bay.

The Pinnacle of the Days Activities - Mt Yasur Volcano.

Mt Yasur is the obvious highlight of the day and travellers are taken to the mountain entrance at around 3.30-4.00 pm in compliance of the requirements of the mountain administration. Mt Yasur is a spectacle that rarely disappoints, not only providing a visual display but instead, a physical exhibition that reverberates through every part of those that experience it. The whole of body encounter could never be simulated by multi-media technology and is remembered forever by those who visit the mountain.

Despite the obvious danger of flying magma, the mountain has proven to be relatively benign. As nonsensical as that statement sounds, injuries are relatively rare, although time on the mountain should be treated with the utmost respect. Behaviour is strictly in accordance with Mountain administration requirements. The closure of night-time viewing is at the discretion of the administration, at which time the tour party commences its trip back to guests accommodation taking between 1and a half to two hours.


Opportunities to check things out as the day unfolds.


Cultural interaction at points along the way.


Diverse landscapes, along with an erupting volcano.


As its name implies, a full day not to be missed.

Mt Yasur Big Day Out Information.

Price DetailsMin 2 AdultsChildren
Full Price
per pax
AUD 420AUD 159
per pax
AUD 105AUD 40
Tour Details.

Approximate Timeframe.

Pickup generally occurs between 8.30-9.00 am, with the duration of the tour being approximately 11 hours. The travel time to the mountain is generally 1.5 -2.00 hours each way, with Port Resolution being approximately 45 minutes extra. Time at the mountain does vary at the discretion of the Mountain Guides, the government appointed administrators of Mt Yasur who will also provide an initial presentation.

Pickup and Dropoff from Accommodation.

Costs includes pickup and dropoff from accommodation on the whitegrass coast either close to the airport (Zone A), or near to Lenakel (Zone B), or alternatively for guests staying at Tanna-Adventures accommodation in Middlebush, Central Highlands. A surcharge applies for pickups/dropoffs at other locations due to the high cost to run vehicles.

Fitness and Health Levels.

The tour is suitable for most people.


The Tour includes transport to and from accommodation, tour transport (including driver/guide) to Mt Yasur, Port Resolution, & Shark Bay and all entrance fees. The Mountain Guides provide visitors with other equipment while on the mountain itself. Lunch at Port Resolution is not included as is travellers care (Meals generally are VUV 750 pax for omelette based, and VUV 850 pax for chicken based lunch.)

What to Bring.

Firstly, given that the Tour is lengthy and visitors do not generally arrive back at their accommodation until about 8.00 pm, adequate water should be taken (generally available from accommodation) and snacks, especially for children). Visitors should ensure that they have suitably closed-in footwear for being on rough terrain (however specialised tramping boots are not generally required).

Depending on the time of year warm clothes may be needed (definitely between May through to November) including a windcheater or raincoat. While the Guides provide some torches it is recommended that visitors bring their own as it makes walking on the rim much more manageable, and a must for coming down off the mountain.

Minimum Numbers.

The Mt Yasur Big Day Out Tour requires a minimum number of two (2) people for it to proceed.

Single travellers are able to be a part of tours that are proceeding, or where more than one single shows interest for a specific date, then we are able to make up minimum numbers accordingly. Single travellers should contact us directly through our inquiry form to organise.

Booking Cut-Off Period.

Online bookings are accepted up to 36 hours prior to the scheduled tour date under consideration. For example, a cut-off of online bookings occurs at midnight on Wednesday night for a tour commencing at lunchtime on the following Friday.

Where bookings are wanted to be made closer than 36 hours to the scheduled tour, these should be requested through our inquiry form. Such late bookings may or may not be possible and are dependent on communications on the island amongst other factors.

Bookings : Deposits and Final Payments.

All bookings can be confirmed with the payment of a booking Deposit or alternatively bookings can be paid in Full. Payments can be made by Bank Transfer (cleared funds) or Credit Card.

On payment of a deposit customers receive a booking acknowledgement, including a booking statement of all payments made and due. The remaining Final Payment shall be received no later than fourteen(14) days prior to the day of the booking. Once the Final Payment is received, customers are sent their Formal Documents in respect to their bookings

Alternatively, customers can choose to make Full Payment at the time of booking, and will be issued their Formal Documents immediately.

Prices are Contingent on Entrance Fees at 1st April.

Our Prices are made up from a number of items, attraction entrance fees included.

In recent years, the Mt Yasur Volcano administration has taken to increase entrance fees at extremely short notice, effective at 1st April year to year. Other Kastom owned attractions have subsequently followed suit. Consequently, our costs are "Contingent", and any differential in entrance fees + boat trip, either side of 1st April are payable as an extra to the booking.

Increases due to "Contingent" entrance fees affect very few people, and are only relevant to bookings that are made prior to 1st April for a scheduled date occurring after 1st April. The majority of bookings are made after 1st April and are not affected in any way.

Full Terms and Conditions of Making a Booking.

Full Terms and Conditions regarding making a booking with Vanuatu Traveller are available here and all customers should take the time read and be comfortable with them. Should you have any questions please contact us via the contact form.

BOOK : Mt Yasur Big Day Out.

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For travellers wanting to experience Tanna Island with a slightly higher level of soft adventure the Yasur Big-Day Blue-Cave is ideal. Over three days, visitors experience the fusion of Mt Yasur, the Coastal Fringe to the Blue Cave, along with a walk through the Central Region’s tropical bush down to Louniel Beach, investigating Lenuingao Waterfall along the way. Features include:

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