Trip 4 : Yasur Big-Day Kastom.

All meals provided.
2 Days / 1 Night Trip

Tour, Walk, Meal, and Accommodation Inclusions.

The cloud formation above Mt Yasur Volcano on a clear morning on Tanna Island, showing a magestic dark purple hue contrasting sharply with the tropical Vanuatu sunrise, presenting a fantastic spectacle

Day 1 - Mt Yasur Big Day Out

The Big Day Out is aptly named, providing a excellent overview of some of the landscapes and natural attributes that Tanna Island is renowned for. A full day of activities provides visitors with both panoramic and intimate views of the island, along with a variety of interchanges with local Ni-Vanuatu. Highlights include :

  Central Highland Traverse & Views.

  Port Resolution & Southern White Beach.

  Shark Bay.

  Volcanic Ash Plain & Mt Yasur Volcano.

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Day 2 - Middlebush Kastom Walk and Black Magic.

Kastom trails are an important part of Tannese life and remain the principal means of interaction between villages. Most visitors are unaware of their existence along with their cultural significance and a guided walk provides travellers with glimpses of village life while ensuring Tannese kastom protocols are observed.

  Tannese Kastom Trails.

  Black Magic Show.

  Tannese Landscapes.

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Meals During Stay - Rachel's Restaurant

Rachel's Restaurant is a pivotal part of the Tanna-Adventures tourism facility located in the Middlebush Highlands, situated on a gental escarpment overlooking the East coast. As well as amazing views, Rachel's meals are complimented on by visitors:

  Plat Du Jour Meals.

  Fantastic East Coast Views.

  Situated in a Rural Setting.

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Accommodation - Muma's Nima.

Muma's Nima is the foremost accommodation at Tanna-Adventures and is situated on an exquisite site with unobstructed views of surrounding landscapes, including Mt Yasur Volcano.

  Modern Bungalow.

  A Panoramic Vista.

  Comfortable Queen Bed.

  Sleeps up to four (4) people.

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Trip Information : Yasur Big-Day Kastom

Yasur Big-Day Kastom
(max of 4 people)
Accommodation Bungalow : Muma's Nima

ConfigurationTrip Cost (AUD)Trip Cost (Vatu)
2 Adults onlyAUD 1,370*Vatu 103,000
2 Adults + 1 ChildAUD 1,705*Vatu 128,300
2 Adults + 2 ChildrenAUD 2,040*Vatu 153,600
3 Adults onlyAUD 2,000*Vatu 150,750
3 Adults + 1 ChildAUD 2,340*Vatu 176,050
4 Adults onlyAUD 2,635*Vatu 198,500

Note: * No Deposit Required to make Booking. Full Payment to be made in Vatu at commencement of Tour/Trip/Accommodation. Forex Conversions based on Goodies Forex 21st August 2023


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