Trip 6 : Yasur Big-Day Blue-Cave.

Flight Arrival
Before 9.30 am
3 Days / 2 Nights Trip
Minimum of
two (2) people.
All meals provided.
Flight Departure
After 3.00 pm

Tour, Walk, Meal, and Accommodation Inclusions.

The cloud formation above Mt Yasur Volcano on a clear morning on Tanna Island, showing a magestic dark purple hue contrasting sharply with the tropical Vanuatu sunrise, presenting a fantastic spectacle

Day 1 - Mt Yasur Big Day Out

The Big Day Out is aptly named, providing a excellent overview of some of the landscapes and natural attributes that Tanna Island is renowned for. A full day of activities provides visitors with both panoramic and intimate views of the island, along with a variety of interchanges with local Ni-Vanuatu. Highlights include :

  Central Highland Traverse & Views.

  Port Resolution & Southern White Beach.

  Shark Bay.

  Volcanic Ash Plain & Mt Yasur Volcano.

  read more - Mt Yasur Big Day Out.

Day 2 - Blue Cave Tour

The Blue Cave explores the isolated North-eastern coastline and investigates the significant cathedral cavern that has formed at its nothern point. Entry to the Blue Cave is through a opening in its coral sea wall, and once inside visitors experience the silence and solitude often found in churches. Depending on cloud cover, and time of day a light-shaft provides a surreal atmosphere. Highlights include :

  Northern Coastline Traverse .

  Blue Cave Experience.

  Snorkelling (weather & time permitting).

  read more - Blue Cave Tour.

Day 3 - Second Waterfall Walk.

No Tanna island visit would be complete without taking a walk along the various trails on the island, taking in the sights, and getting to know the locals along the way. The Second (Lenuingao) Waterfall Walk takes travellers through village trails to one of the significant spring fed waterfalls and along the black-sand Louniel Beach. While a lengthy walk, visitors are rewarded with authentic island adventures :

  Tropical Bush Walk.

  Lenuingao Waterfall.

  Louniel beach.

  read more - Second Waterfall & East Coast Beach Walk.

Meals During Stay - Rachel's Restaurant

Rachel's Restaurant is a pivotal part of the Tanna-Adventures tourism facility located in the Middlebush Highlands, situated on a gental escarpment overlooking the East coast. As well as amazing views, Rachel's meals are complimented on by visitors:

  Plat Du Jour Meals.

  Fantastic East Coast Views.

  Situated in a Rural Setting.

  read more - Rachel's Restaurant.

Accommodation Option 1 - Muma's Nima.

Muma's Nima is the foremost accommodation at Tanna-Adventures and is situated on an exquisite site with unobstructed views of surrounding landscapes, including Mt Yasur Volcano.

  Modern Bungalow.

  A Panoramic Vista.

  Comfortable Queen Bed.

  Sleeps up to four (4) people.

  read more - Muma's Nima.

Accommodation Option 2 - Jack's Nima.

Jacks's Nima provides economical accommodation at Tanna-Adventures and is situated on an sublime site with awesome views, including that of Mt Yasur Volcano.

  Large Covered Deck.

  Exceptional Views.

  Comfortable Queen Bed.

  Sleeps up to three (3) people.

  read more - Jack's Nima.

Trip Information : Yasur Big-Day Blue-Cave

Yasur Big-Day Blue-Cave : Option 6 A (max of 4 pax)
Accommodation Bungalow : Muma's Nima

ConfigurationTrip Cost (Total)Trip Deposit
2 Adults onlyAUD 1,823AUD 456
2 Adults + 1 ChildAUD 2,178AUD 545
2 Adults + 2 ChildrenAUD 2,584AUD 646
3 Adults onlyAUD 2,644AUD 661
3 Adults + 1 ChildAUD 2,989AUD 747
4 Adults onlyAUD 3,465AUD 866


Yasur Big-Day Blue-Cave : Option 6 B (max of 3 pax)
Accommodation Bungalow : Jack's Nima

ConfigurationTrip Cost (Total)Trip Deposit
2 Adults onlyAUD 1,782AUD 446
2 Adults + 1 ChildAUD 2,137AUD 534
3 Adults onlyAUD 2,591AUD 648


Mt Yasur Blue-Cave : Option 6 C (max of 7 people)
Accommodation Bungalows : Muma's + Jack's Nimas

Two examples of where Option 6C is especially relevant include; two single guests travelling together, and two couples travelling together (with each single/couple wanting separate accommodation from the other)

ConfigurationTrip Cost (Total)Trip Deposit
Muma's: 1 Adult
+ Jack's :
1 Adult
AUD 1,974AUD 494
Muma's: 2 Adults
+ Jack's :
2 Adults
AUD 3,605AUD 901
  • The number of possible configurations for seven(7) people precludes tabulating all of the possible costings here, however they will generally be slightly less than if figures are combined from the above two tables.
  • The booking page for Trip 6C will provide total monetary values before any need to confirm a booking.

Airport Pick-up and Drop-off.

See & Do Trips are tailored for guest pick-up and drop-off at Tanna airport located on the whitegrass coast. Pick-up and drop-off from other locations is available (please inquire as a transfer charge may apply).

Fitness and Health Levels.

The tour is designed for people in relatively good health and fitness, and who can swim. Specific information on each tour or walk is detailed on their respective web-pages.


The Trip includes all transport, accommodation, meals, entrance fees, guides and drivers for the itinerary included in the Trip. While unlikely, anything requested outside of the detailed Trip may incur a supplementry charge.

What to Bring.

Specific information on each tour or walk is detailed on its respective Tour information page.

Participants should dress to suit the weather and an information sheet is provided subsequent to making a booking. While tramping boots are not required for either the Mt Yasur visit or the walks, closed-in footwear that is robust should be included within participants luggage. Similar to most Vanuatu islands, the coastal reaches have a multitude of coral formations, while Mt Yasur is strewn with rugged lava shapes and boulders. Sturdy flip-flops are also a must with semi-closed in crocs being popular when walking along beaches and through streams. It is also recommended that sunscreen is taken along with a cap or hat.

Participants should bring suitable flasks so that they are able to carry sufficient water for each day. Boiled springwater is available from Rachel's restaurant. A small carry-all travel pack per couple (or every two people) is advisable to hold any spare clothes, water, sun-screen, and camera's as required.

TRIP 6 - Blue Cave Tour does not operate on a Saturday.

The owners of the Blue Cave are SDA church and as a consequence prohibit the operation of the Blue Cave Tour on a Saturday. Therefore when this happens, the walk on Day 3 and the Blue Cave on Day 2 will be swapped to suit.

Minimum Numbers.

All See & Do Trips require a minimum number of two(2) people for them to proceed.

Single travellers are able to be a part of tours that are proceeding, or where more than one single shows interest for a specific date, then we are able to make up minimum numbers accordingly. Single travellers should contact us directly through our inquiry form to organise.

Booking Cut-Off Period.

Online bookings are accepted up to 36 hours prior to the scheduled trip date under consideration. For example, a cut-off of online bookings occurs at midnight on Wednesday night for a trip commencing at lunchtime on the following Friday.

Where bookings are wanted to be made closer than 36 hours to the scheduled tour, these should be requested through our inquiry form. Such late bookings may or may not be possible and are dependent on communications on the island amongst other factors.

Bookings : Deposits and Final Payments.

All bookings can be confirmed with the payment of a booking Deposit or alternatively bookings can be paid in Full. Payments can be made by Bank Transfer (cleared funds) or Credit Card.

On payment of a deposit customers receive a booking acknowledgement, including a booking statement of all payments made and due. The remaining Final Payment shall be received no later than fourteen(14) days prior to the day of the booking. Once the Final Payment is received, customers are sent their Formal Documents in respect to their bookings

Alternatively, customers can choose to make Full Payment at the time of booking, and will be issued their Formal Documents immediately.

Prices are Contingent on Entrance Fees at 1st April.

Our Prices are made up from a number of items, attraction entrance fees included.

In recent years, the Mt Yasur Volcano administration has taken to increase entrance fees at extremely short notice, effective at 1st April year to year. Other Kastom owned attractions have subsequently followed suit, including the Blue Cave, and its associated boat trip. Consequently, our costs are "Contingent", and any differential in entrance fees + boat trip, either side of 1st April are payable as an extra to the booking.

Increases due to "Contingent" entrance fees affect very few people, and are only relevant to bookings that are made prior to 1st April for a scheduled date occurring after 1st April. The majority of bookings are made after 1st April and are not affected in any way.

Full Terms and Conditions of Making a Booking.

Full Terms and Conditions regarding making a booking with Vanuatu Traveller are available here and all customers should take the time read and be comfortable with them. Should you have any questions please contact us via the contact form.

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